Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The End Game?

Clearly, I haven't been to most prolific of bloggers in the past year or so.  This is particularly distressing since there is so much for us to discuss!  I mean, really how often does one get to blog an ongoing economic crisis, a new president, the ridiculous torture controversy (raised by a few limp wristed blokes who don't know what it takes to win against an enemy that targets civilians as their core strategy.  Just sayin'..) and my ongoing fabulous culinary excursions.

So kind of a drag really.  

Today though I here to do you a favor.

No, seriously go back and click on that link right now.  This is important.

We are currently in the midst of an epochal moment and a guy named "Woody" has nailed it.

From his conclusion:

"This essay began with a demonstration of the all-important role of the evolution of a nation's Debt-to-GDP ratio. The direction of this evolution is a good proxy for the future success or failure of the nation. We argued that a one-time shock (like today's US recession) that drives the initial Debt ratio way up does not pose the problem most people assume. Long run recovery is possible, but only if policies are adopted that drive the growth rate of the numerator down, that of the denominator up, and thus that of the ratio down."

Seriously nailed it. 

If you're interested in more, here is his site.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Smothered, Covered, Chunked and........Shot?

Holy Crap! 

As everyone knows, I happen to be the world's foremost fan of the beloved Waffle House.  Where I once cringed at the prospect of venturing south of the Mason - Dixon line, I now embrace the prospect.  And it's all because of my discovery of Waffle House.  It's genius is the pure simplicity; waffles, hash browns and a few other assorted things that you really don't need.  Drive up, belly up to the bar and in less than 10 minutes you're digging into a breakfast that is the stuff of American dreams.

But this story.....well this story is a bit disturbing.  Shot by a waitress at Waffle House?  Who could imagine such a thing?  Sure we all heard about the Kid Rock fight at Waffle House last year, but candidly who hasn't wanted the beat the tar outta that dude?  

Well, hopefully this is a "one off" sorta thing, cuz I don't want to think I'll need to be packing on my next foray to Waffle House, which for the record, will be in exactly 15 days.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I'm Back!

Having successfully evaded the authorities (once again!). I'm back. Stay tuned.