Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Smothered, Covered, Chunked and........Shot?

Holy Crap! 

As everyone knows, I happen to be the world's foremost fan of the beloved Waffle House.  Where I once cringed at the prospect of venturing south of the Mason - Dixon line, I now embrace the prospect.  And it's all because of my discovery of Waffle House.  It's genius is the pure simplicity; waffles, hash browns and a few other assorted things that you really don't need.  Drive up, belly up to the bar and in less than 10 minutes you're digging into a breakfast that is the stuff of American dreams.

But this story.....well this story is a bit disturbing.  Shot by a waitress at Waffle House?  Who could imagine such a thing?  Sure we all heard about the Kid Rock fight at Waffle House last year, but candidly who hasn't wanted the beat the tar outta that dude?  

Well, hopefully this is a "one off" sorta thing, cuz I don't want to think I'll need to be packing on my next foray to Waffle House, which for the record, will be in exactly 15 days.


  1. That's the difference between the North and the South -- I feel better knowing the Waffle House waitresses are packing. They see enough humanity at it's worse, they know who needs to be brought up short.

    Also this thought: that fat girl shouldn't be throwing no waffles no way, but I bet the thought would have never entered her tiny brain if open carry was the law. Just an RKBA pimp there.

  2. Buck, you bring up an excellent point. Throwing food was way out of line. Clearly the woman is a nut....I mean look at her order: NO HASH BROWNS?! Give me a break! Who goes to waffle house and doesn't order hash browns?