Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Man Who Poses For A Picture Like This......

.......has clearly got some issues, don't you think?

I'll admit it. I do feel guilty picking on Jimmy. It really doesn't seem fair, except that like the booger eating kid in the school yard, our noted UFO sighter just seems to ask for it. Widely acknowledged by all, except for a smattering of legal heirs and true believers, to be among America's worst presidents, the man who once suffered a ferocious rabbit attack just keeps coming back for more.

At one time there was a campaign by the irony free to rehabilitate Jimmy's image by promoting the 44 state reject as "America's best ex-President". Clearly an allusion to his nail pounding, and important rigged election certification work, the strategy also had the appealing benefit (to Carter anyway) of providing a favorable comparison to President Reagan who was too sick at the time to appear in public.

Most of us were satisfied to smirk at the unintended joke, and let the man have his day, but he just couldn't let well enough alone. In a testament to the eternal good faith of the American people, his image began to rise a little and folks were happy to "forget" his numerous failures committed while in office. It wasn't enough for Jimmy though. His quest for a Nobel led him to bash the U.S. in the lead up to the award, at the ceremony itself, and he has continued to conduct himself with less dignity than merits an ex-president.

Jimmy is also desperately trying to re-write history. One of these efforts was the "October Surprise" theory which postulated that George H.W. Bush negotiated a deal with Iran to hold the U.S. hostages until after the 1980 election in order to get Ronald Reagan voted into office. This, of course, was the insane concoction of a man who badly needed to justify his rejection.

Then we also have his briefing book "scandal". Today, George Will, a focus of Jimmy's ire responds. It really is excellent reading.

Will Jimmy ever get over his failed presidency? One hopes so, since the rest of the country has moved on. He is rightly remembered for his work with Egypt and Israel and you'd think he could fashion a suitable legacy off of that. Yet his monumentally insecure ego always seems to cry for more, so we're likely to be subject to suffering along with Jimmy for years to come.

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