Wednesday, August 24, 2005

There's a Lot Goin' On Man

Apologies for the slow week around here, but things have been a little busy with interviews and such this week. Yet the world does not stop, and I realize it is more than time for me to feed the beast. Here is what I'm thinking about:

1. Excellent news on the wine front. I 've officially received the honor of being named the "unofficial sommelier of Annika's Journal". Well, this has filled me with pride and is the first step to greater things in the wine world. Thanks to Annie for the pub.

In related news I've been looking at the qualifications for Master of Wine status for some time, and I think I might actually try to do it.

2. Pat Robertson is an idiot who is exceeded in his idiocy only by the loathsome Nancy Pelosi who for some inexplicable reason thinks W ought to publicly denounce Robertson.

3. Who in the world is Nancy Grace, and how did this woman get a TV gig? Have you seen her? She is on one of the cable channels, and man this tootsy has get them crazy eyes. Plus, I think she is completely incoherent. Then again that may be the scotch I was enjoying.

4. Senator Chuck Hager is an idiot who is exceeded in his idiocy only by Donald Rumsfeld who when asked how this war differs from Vietnam, refused to answer saying, "there are so many ways its different we would be here all day". Guess what Don, the fact that you're correct doesn't excuse you from lowering yourself to explain it to the American public. The lefties are busy eating your lunch on the publicity side right now, and a little PR would be a good thing.

5. Speaking of PR, can somebody get Michael Deaver on the blower? I've always felt that Karl Rove wasn't so much a genius as he was a man blessed with the incompetence of his opponents and Bush's little PR tour this week confirms it. Who had the great idea to put W on tour spouting banalities that we've all grown tired of. The U.S. is doing a great thing in trying to bring democracy to Iraq, and we are by and large succeeding. Only a fool or a political opportunist would say otherwise, but in lieu of any coherent message from the Whitehouse people are beginning to wonder.

6. Where is the oil going? I'm serious. This sudden run up in crude prices that we've seen over the past nine months is very curious. Admittedly, I love a good conspiracy theory so maybe that has my interest peaked. On the other hand, maybe a couple countries are stockpiling. Maybe those countries rhyme with Bina and Bamerica. Maybe it has something to do with a coming conflict in the middle east, Korea, or both. Maybe we won't necessarily be enemies so much as coordinated allies of convenience. Maybe I'm nuts.

7. The latest Iraq constitution doesn't look that bad to me. I love these folks who seem to think a NOW chapter ought to be codified in Article I, but it makes me wonder. Specifically, we had a little problem getting the whole slavery/civil rights thing worked out in our constitution. I'd say it took about 170 years until the Civil Rights Act was passed in the 60's. From that perspective, it looks like the Iraqis have done more in 120 days than we did in a century.

8. Who are the tasteless rubes that vote on Rockstar INXS? Jordis is not in the bottom three tonight after she butchered "Dream On" last night? By the way, the show is throwing a head fake with Marty, Mig is gonna win this.

9. Thats all for now. Coming soon I will attempt to answer the question can a society maximize liberty and equality at the same time? I think not. Also the world's best waffle recipe in time for your weekend.

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