Saturday, April 29, 2006

This Weekend's Rockin' Tune: Speak

It's true, I've never fully outgrown it. I was a big fan in my highschool and college days, and while my tastes today are substantially broadened, sometimes you've just got to return home.

What is "it"?

Heavy Metal.

True. I'm tempted to say it's my secret shame, but anyone who has seen my Itunes list, or noticed PD1 and PD2 and I rockin' out in the car together knows, its not exactly a secret. One fun time that we had together was last year during a rain delay in one of PD1's soccer games. I had five or six of the kids under the tailgate of my car, while I was inside manning the radio. Somehow, we managed to hit a station that was rockin' hard, and they were playing a combination of music from the past 30 years. So we heard everything from Hendrix, to Metallica, to yes, Godsmack. It was terrific fun. After about 40 minutes, the rain stopped and our team dominated.

"Wow, they were really charged up" one of the parents said. I just smiled knowingly.

So last night with Mrs. P in Amsterdam I popped the cork on a 2001 La Lagune and did some channel surfing. Low and behold there was Godsmack on the Jimmy Kimmel concert series rockin' the house. I never watch Kimmel, but I do have today's particular selection, "Speak" on my Itunes and I marveled how the more thing change the more they stay the same. Way back when, we hung in somebody's basement, secretly drank beer and played AC/DC, Zepplin and others on the LP player. Today, I'm drinkin' French Bordeaux, takin' care of the kids, and rockin' to Godsmack on my TV.


This video is pretty good too. Great imagery, hot bikes, hot cars, hot babes.

Oh yeah, and it's pretty loud. Turn the speakers up!

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