Monday, April 3, 2006

We're Back

Well the flight wasn't bad yesterday, although I am becoming increasingly convinced that the NY metro area is falling quickly back to it's 1970's esque third world status. We had to change plains in Newark, and from all indications the local port authority seems to think that air conditioning Terminal A is a luxory we can do without.

Happily our layover was only a couple hours, so the gamey Texan who kept fanning his scent in my direction quickly became a memory and images of my town grew clearer as we began our final approach to O'hare. We arrived at the house and were greated by a very happy Akita and tons of mail to go through. Jet lag being what it is, I'm able to make this post this moring, and have even included a picture from our past two weeks in Spain, a country that I've come to adore.

Tails of Saturday's Madrid Marathon death march to come. The attached pic is the view from our balconey of our apartment during the first week in a small town on the coast.

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