Sunday, October 1, 2006

Are You Ready For Some Football!!!!!

Ok, a tough couple of weeks to start the season. Sadly, I had to let my head of research and senior quant guy go on Monday after last weekend's 5 & 11 debacle. Yes they have families to feed, yes I had foolishly signed them to full season contracts and had to negotiate large payouts, but this is the price I pay to bring you the best in football prognostication.

So, the boys at the lab are little shaken this week, and I did notice the lights were on pretty late this week. Good, I smell something in the air and yes.....yes, I think it smells like victory!

Bears giving 3
Falcons giving 7
Texans getting 3.5
Ravens giving 2.5
Bills giving 1
Cowboys giving 9
Colts giving 9
Chiefs giving 7
Saints getting 7
Lions getting 5.5
Redskins getting 3
Raiders getting 3
Bengals giving 6
Eagles giving 11

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