Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Throw The Bums Out

Once again Congress provides the voters with a lesson. The only question is will they listen.

Of course I'm referring to the foul revelations regarding Congressman Foley. As of this writing the Congressman has pretty much 'fessed up to everything, and as they say in the media, the scandal may have legs.

The "legs" in this case are that virtually everyone in Washington new Foley was gay, many new he was "different", and a few seemed to be in on the fact that he is a pervert. A harsh term? Well, yes, but then what is the proper term for a grown man who sends explicit IM's to 16 year old male pages? Pervert, it seems, is the perfect term....but I digress.

As I was saying, the legs are the possibility that Deny Hastert, who I've already said should resign over his land deals, may have also known the full depths of Foley's depravity and decided to look the other way. We do know that Deny was aware of the emails that were just "creepy" (as opposed to sick), and was satisfied that the Congressman received a good talking to. In my view, in a situation where Congress has a responsibility to the children in their employ and the children's parents, a good talkin' to just isn't good enough and Deny should have known that. The fact that he didn't is reason enough for him to not only resign his Speakership, but his Congressional seat as well. The man was a wrastlin' coach prior to his political career for God's sake, and this, as much as common decency, should have made him sensitive to Congress's obligations and he certainly should have demanded that more be done.

And what of the Democrats? While it doesn't appear at this writing that they knew about Congressman Foley's emailing predilections, the suggestion that none of them knew what was going on strains credulty. Still, until we find out more I suppose we must accept this as fact.

None-the-less, I have to ask what kind of people try to make political hay off the back of an abused 16 year old boy? Fiends, would be the appropriate answer here. We've known all along that the Democrats, a group so berift of ideas that they were having trouble winning back power from a party that deserved to lose it, are among the most craven of political operations in our country's history. Power for power's sake is their goal, and any group that would actually produce tv commercials to capitalize on this awful situation is no better than those who averted their gaze.

Throw them all out and start over is the only answer. The question is how do we do that?

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