Sunday, October 8, 2006

Are You Ready For Some Football!!

Well, last week's house cleaning down at the lab really had an impact! The boys, under new leadership reworked the models, updated the correlations, and even managed to reduce processing time by 28%.

Well done men!

Of course all of this wouldn't be impressive had it not been for the results: 10-4 against the spread! Cigars and single malt were passed out Monday night following the Eagles glorious win that put us into the double digits, and then Tuesday morning the servers were humming again. I think we may have another can't miss week here folks:

Take the Bears and give 10 over the Bills
Take the Panthers and give 8 over the Browns
Take the Pack and get 3 against the Rams
Take the Colts and give an awesome 18 over the Titans
Take Detroit and get 6.5 against the Vikes
Take the Pats and give 9.5 over the hapless Dolphins
Take the Bucs and get 6.5 over the emotional fave Saints
Take the Giants and give 4.5 over Wash
Take the Cards and get 3.5 against the Chiefs
Take the Jags and give 7 over the Jets
Take the Niners and get 3.5 over the Raiders
Take the Eagles and get 2 over the over rated Cowboys
Take the Chargers and give 3.5 over Big Ben and the Steelers
Take the Broncs on Monday and give 4 over Baltimore

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