Tuesday, August 3, 2010

O'Bama Dreams

So, O'Bama is now appearing iny dreams! How's this?

I have this dream that O'bama has started a jobs program for inner city yoot. His idea is that they should work as garbage collectors in the suburbs. For some reason, I have to go see how this program is going, so I leave my house and head down to the corner o our street. Sure enough, there is a big ole garbage truck and as I approach, our pres hops out of the cab, dressed in suit, tie, overcoat and scarf. There are a couple black inner city kids on the back and he instructs them top hop off the tuck and go get the garbage. As I approach, he enthusiastically waves and say's hi, while I turn to my companion and say, "I don't know. Is this really the image he wants to craft?"


  1. I don't think Obama is Irish? I know he is from Chicago and all...


  2. How do you know? The name looks Irish to me, an I for one, refuse to base my opinions on the color of one's skin! You will just have to live with your own biased views I guess....

  3. Spelling is colorblind, my friend.