Sunday, December 19, 2004

Futbol, You Bet!

Well 2 out of 3 yesterday against the spread! A wise man would stop now, but what fun is that?

Picks to click folks:

Bears + 1 Texans: Da Bearsssssss

Jets +6.5 Seahawks: Go Seahawks!

Eagles +12.5 Cowboys: Rule says you never give 12 in intradivision play - Screw the rules, Go Eagles!

Vikings +3 Lions: Hate the vikes, but take them here

Chargers +10 Browns: Take the points, close your eyes and get outta town baby!

Bills +1.5 Bengals: Easy pick, take the Bills

Cheeseheads +3.5 Jaguars: Jax can't win in the cold behind the Cheddar Curtain. Take the Pack

Bucs + 7.5 Saints: The Saints, are you kiddin me, take the Bucs

Rams + 3 Cards: Call me crazy, but I'm goin with the Cards here

Broncos +1 Chiefs: Always take the dog in this game, even if its only one point

Raiders +2.5 Titans: Raiders will luck out and win here

Colts +8 Ravens: When is Baltimore going to get a real coach? Take the colts.

Pats +9.5 Dolphins: Too many points on intra division. Go Dolphins!

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