Tuesday, December 21, 2004

This Is Wicked

As in wicked funny.

Most of you know my thoughts on Senator McCain, but this Hagel is twice as bad. I'm well aware that these men served their country in uniform, but how much leeway do they get as a result? Its very clear that they're grandstanding on the Rumsfeld question for their own gain. Sure, its politics and politicians can be expected to do such things, but they are carrying on in a time of war.

Iraqis are everyday fighting to bring freedom and democracy to their country, and our job is to stand with them and see that they have the chance they deserve. With McCain and Hagel, I'm forced to ask, what side are they on. There will be plenty of time to review Rumsfeld's performance later. There is an election in Iraq on January 30, and controversy on our side, at this time just gives the enemy further strength, and the Iraqi public further questions about our resolve.

Anyway, Annika gets it right on this one.

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