Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Thank You Tony Blair

Did you hear Mr. Blair speak this morning? It was an inspiration.

Sometimes I listen to the media in this country and I just wonder if they realize that they're Americans. I suppose the answer is yes, but I wonder if they really know what that means. Sure, anybody can sign up to support the troops, but now is the time that it is most important to support the mission. Mr. Blair sent the world a wake-up call today, and we need to listen.

As Americans we have an obligation in this world that no other country has. Those that came before us died for the freedoms that we have today. On Bunker Hill, at Gettysburg, D-Day, the Pacific Theater, Korea, Vietnam, the first Gulf War they met the call and our lives are better for it today. We wake up, go to work, pay taxes, and love our families. Some of us volunteer for service, but most don't. This is okay, its the system that we have built, but for those of us at home supporting the troops requires that we support missions that are honorable.

At this point how can anyone question the honor of our mission? There are three sides to this battle in Iraq; Saddam's old regime, the murderers and terrorists trying to stop the elections and return to darkness, and democracy. Do we even have a choice if we are to be true to our fathers? What would history say if we choose otherwise?

This was not the easy path. Dealing with Saddam and turning a blind eye to mass murder would have been simple. We could easily have chosen the French way, and work out a deal for a smooth supply of oil. The screams of the innocent would have been overwhelmed by distance and ignorance. George Bush knew that America could no longer ignore its responsibility to fight evil, and now so many Iraqis have bravely come forward to begin this historic step.

Its not easy, but it is undoubtedly noble. Iraqi's are being murdered in the streets to stop the elections. Yet, every morning they get up keep going. Same thing happened in Afghanistan. Remember when that was going to be a disaster? The true lesson that we learn again and again is that if we give people anywhere in this world a chance for freedom 9 times out of 10 they take it.

We are on the path to victory. Sure, we can question whether or not we had enough troops, or planned properly for the insurgency, or whether Rummy personally signs every letter of condolence. These questions must be asked after we win. The real questions we should be asking now are what else must we do to win? The constant carping in the media isn't focused on this goal, because in their hearts, they have not committed to victory. It appears in fact, that many would celebrate an American loss. They then wonder way they're labeled as anti-Americans.

Ask yourself one question. When was the last time you saw a major U.S. publication conduct a full review of the thousands or good things we've built in Iraq. The opposition gets full reporting on every bomb they manage to ignite. Fair and balanced?

Now go and listen to Tony Blair. Man, I wish Bush was as eloquent. Unfortunately he is not. This is what makes Bush and Blair such great partners. Tony for all his gifts simply does not have the resolve that our President has - few people do. Can there be any doubt that fate has brought these two men together as partners to begin the historic transition to peace in the middle east.

Go and listen to Tony Blair. Then you will understand why our President had to take us down this path. You will also understand why our victory is certain.

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