Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It's Late and I Got Nuthin'

Well almost nuthin.

I had to go to a dinner tonight, Jerry Reinsdorf was speaking about the business of baseball. Black Tie, salmon, actually managed to get a decent Manhattan so all was not lost. Reinsdorf was good, and I was struck at how a boy born in Brooklyn could end up sounding so Southside Bridgeport.

Anyway, the link above should be at least slightly entertaining. Click at your own risk though, it is an animation demo for a female urination product. Yes, I'm pursuing the urinal project and frankly there is some real disturbing stuff out there people. I've run into a band called the Urinals, I've seen a urinal photo project that focuses on dirty urinals, I've run into a three day seminar held in 2003 that was intended to improve urinal design, and I've learned all about all sorts of things this innocent Midwestern boy never even imagined existed. In short it ain't pretty.

Still, a quest is a quest, and I aim to complete this one. So, enjoy the lovely lass above who just wants to......well I'm not sure what she wants.....or actually I know what she wants, but I have no idea why. Frankly the whole thing seems vaguely Japanese and after the Functional Ambivalent's recent series on Japanese men, well I'm getting a little concerned for our Asian friends.

See you tomorrow

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