Monday, February 13, 2006

Urinals....An Idea Who's Time Has Come

Come to the Pursuit household that is.

We're in the middle (actually just starting, we've demo'd our bedroom and bathroom) a major remodel and already controversy has reared it's ugly head. Yes, it's true somebody might get pissed off before this is all done, and already emotions are trickling and could possible build to a head.

What am I talking about? Why the great urinal debate of 2006! It all started with Mrs. P's request that we install a bidet in our our new bathroom. I, being the wonderful husband that I am agreed that this was a capital idea. Then I got to thinking. "Hey, what about the big guy....I'm tired of the whole raising and lower of the seat thing; I should get a urinal". Having already agreed to the bidet though, I was in a bit of a jam.

Then, I remembered my trip to the Hotel Okura in Tokyo. They had the most amazing toilets there. Fully computerized jobbies with remote control, heated seats and most importantly....bidets! Fortune had smiled on me yet again. I found this little model and immediately informed my wife that she not only was getting a bidet, but heated seats to boot!

Then I brought up the urinal. Men, I mention this as a warning in case you didn't know. Women have got some emotional issues around the whole urinal thing. I mean like real gut reaction sort of stuff.

Silver tongued devil that I am, somehow, against all odds I actually got Mrs. P to agree that fair was fair and if I could find an acceptably designed urinal, it would have a welcome (sort of) spot in our new bathroom. If you want the honest truth, I think Mrs. P doesn't think I'm up to the task.

Mistake number 1. See those babies at the top? That's my goal. I can't get the view, but I can get the cool granite urinal, and I aim to do it.

So far the search has been....interesting. I've found these flower based jobs from some dude in San Francisco (natch), but I can't see myself taking a leak in a flower. Not that I haven't done that sort of thing in the great outdoors, but those things are just too girlie for a manly guy like me.

Then I found these urinals that were obviously created by some female loathing Neanderthal. Amazingly, Virgin thought it might be a good idea to install them in their airport lounge. Guess they figured the men would keep it "our little secret". Right.

So, at this point I'm still searching. I've gone to the top ten urinals sight - love the Afghanistan one - but no luck there. I have found these numbers and the shapely ones, although a bit feminine, I believe will past muster with both of us.

People, I need your help. Lets call this task, "Get Pursuit a urinal". Put out the call far and wide; I need somebody to find me a urinal design that is artistic, manly functional and not insanely priced....although there might be some flexibility in that last requirement. After all, is there anything that I'm buying in this remodel that I'll use more?

Go forth and send me your ideas.

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