Monday, March 27, 2006



Quick checkin from Spain. We drove 1000 Kilometers yesterday and are now in Barcelona. The speed limit was 120 KM/HR, but they didn't seem to mind that I was doing 160-170 most of the way, which really put a dent in the time it took to drive.

Today we linked up with some friends from our town and basically spent the time walking around burning off calories so we could go eat and drink again. One disturbing point; I'm becoming convinced that the cooking here in Spain for the most part sucks. Beyond some real basic dishes, meat and fish tend to be way, way, way over cooked and service at best can be described as indifferent. This, as you can imagine, is a genuine disappointment to me. However, I will not give up hope! Tomorrow is a new day, and my quest for a good meal we be re-pursued with a vigorous enthusiasm!

Lots to do tomorrow, as we essentially wasted a day today. Picasso musema, the church of the familia Guardia, and much more. It's off to Madrid on Wednesday but I'll try to check in tomorrow with a more complete report, and with luck, news of a good meal.

Adios Amigos!

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