Thursday, March 30, 2006

I Can Dig It

So, as I mentioned in yesterday's post we arrived in Madrid to an adequate but less then enthralling hotel situation. I'll admit upfront to my snobish tastes, but truthfully the hotel we were at was just not up to snuff. We spent the night there and I never could get the room temperature down below "freakin' blazing" and the garbage collectors under my window at 3 in the blessed a.m. was a taste of local culture beyond what I hoped for.

Happily, through the miracle of the internet, and the fluent in Spanish skills of the inestimable Mrs. P, we were able to negotiate two rooms at this hotel for only a couple Euros more than we would have been paying at our previous lodging. Whoa, is all that I can say. One of their complimenatary services is the "select your pillow service". Basically this is the opportunity to change out the standard pillow in your room, for five other types based on your particular taste. The beauty part is that this is available at no additonal charge. I'm thinking that I might change pillows tomorrow just because I can.

Oh, and the rooms. Whoa. I mean really, whoa. Mrs. P and I have a King bed with a dinner table for four and a couch and easy chair with a coffe table. The kids have a good sized room with two single beds. The whole area is set off from the hall by a locking door, and each room is secured by doors as well which provides ample time for Mrs. P and I to........well you get the idea.

Any way, this place is pretty cool. Today we were at Toledo, which is an old walled off town that the locals are proud of saying is a place where Jews, Christians and Moslems live together in peace. Let me tell you folks I was sooooo tempted to mention that there is another place in the world where this happens routinely; it's called the United Fricken States of America but Ireally didn't have the heart. They were so earnest and all, it really was kind of cute.

Tomorrow the Prada, lunch of crusty bread, cheese and wine in a big park nearby and who knows what else. We have some friends here through Mrs. P, so I'm hoping that we get the opportunity to party with some locals before we head back to the U.S. of A on Sunday.

Buenos Nochas Amigos!

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