Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I'm Just A Happy Guy

And so are my pals it seems.

Yet again it has been proven that Republicans are happier than Democrats, and while I am not a Republican, I am even less of a Democrat. It really is a wonder to me why this is news anymore....I mean everyone knows that Republicans are happier than Democrats. The question is why?

I could go with the obvious answers; Better parties, prettier women, better looking men, and most of Republicans bathe regularly, which you know, is a big plus. Still I think the answer has more to do with the nature of people that are attracted to the parties. Republicans in general are more inclined to be optimistic about the future. We still believe in the greatness of America, and the power of dreams. Democrats are quite the opposite. They've built a party based on grievance. Every constituancy is formed from some beleagured special interest group and the Democrats maintain control by ensuring that all are beholden to the party for governmental handouts. Who could be happy in such a situation?

It wasn't always this way. There was a time when the Democrats celebrated self sufficiency. The party once had faith in America's promise. Unfortunately for Democrats they lost this faith, and most importantly they lost faith in their own ideas. The resultant strategy of using the politics of victimization kept them competitive on some level, but as the linked survey proves, it ain't exactly a big plus on the mental health front.

Of course I could be wrong. There is one other possiblity, but it so awful I hesistate to mention it.

Ok, you've been warned.

Ask yourself, could you possibly find happiness if you were stuck at a party where Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd had consumed all the liquor, Jimmy Carter was cornering you over that "October Surprise Trick", Algore was hectoring you about the environment and Hillary was the best looking prospect for the night? Geez, it almost makes me feel sorry for these people.

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