Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Inconvenient Truth Indeed

Poor, poor Al Gore. Even the Canadians aren't buying his environmental hokum. What is the man to do? He tried the pitchfork carrying populist who was "mad as hell" act and it didn't work. He tried the bearded professor bit, and people just talked about how fat he had become. Now he is trying the environmental statesman act, and a Canadian publication is fact checking him.

And the find Al is lacking. A group of Canucks!

The fact is we do not know the cause, nor can we predict the effect of "global warming". Further, we can't even be sure if we're seeing a short term aberration, a long term change, or something in between. The one thing we do know is that anyone who makes statements of metaphysical certitude, such as the ones Mr. Gore is making, is both full of hot air, and unfit to lead this nation.

Poor Al.

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