Monday, June 12, 2006

The Vile Old Gas Bag

Daniel Schorr pisses me off.

Really, the man just sends shivers down my spine the same way a creepy old uncle who always seems to hang out by the bathroom when any young males in the family happen to be there does. I'm sure this is an irrational reaction to a man who is old, irrelevant, and stupid, but I can't help myself; the guy is simply the most loathsome broadcaster in business today - my opinion, but who could argue? Worst of all, my tax dollars in one way or another are most likely paying this crackpot's salary!

Usually when I hear the voice of that aging old liberal come across NPR's publicly financed air waves I lunge for the tuner on my radio and change the station immediately. Anything will do; Swapshop, radio bingo, even the harrowing voice of Al Franken - assuming he is still on - is better than the awful, awful sound of Creepy Uncle Danny's voice. Today, though I was caught off guard.

We had just gotten back from a road trip and I was busy unpacking when the old toad's voice came on. Of course, his topic was the poor suicide jihadi's at Gitmo. It seems today, Danny was upset because a General, I didn't hear who, had described the triple suicide as an "asymmetrical attack" on the U.S. in our war on terror. Of course, any normal American with a functioning brain would have recognized this statement as the truth. A triple suicide, carried out by jihadi's, near the time when the U.S. Supreme Court is about to announce that Gitmo is A-OK with them can only be viewed as such. Further, any newscaster with an IQ warmer than room temperature (tall order, I know) would realize that these suicides were the efforts of a failing cause to create some propaganda in lieu of anything that actually could, you know, hurt people.

Of course, they were relying on the lefties in this country to exploit these deaths, but let's face it, that wasn't much of a gamble given the way this war has been reported by our brave, brave press.

And of course Danny didn't disappoint. Not Danny....oh no....this was an opportunity to politicize the war on terror, and we simply couldn't let that go by could we? It looks to me like this foul man saw this as an opportunity for the dearly departed jihadis to accomplish what world opinion, and legal efforts of the left most likely will not; the closing of Gitmo. How do I know that this is what he thinks? Well that is what he said. In a way, it almost sounded to me like he was celebrating the efforts - I mean the suicides - of these fine young jihadis!

Er, um, but to be sure, Danny supports the troops.

Earlier in the day I was listening to Limbaugh who I haven't heard in quite a while. While Rush, as usual, didn't have much to say, he did have a caller with an opinion that I thought held some merit. The caller, speaking about the left, said that they feel free to politicize the war on terror because they really don't see any chance that the terrorists will win, so they might as well score points off of George Bush by attacking his actions in the war.

Listening to NPR's Pungent Liberal Gas Bag today, I find it hard to disagree.

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