Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New York Blog City Baby

Ahhhhh, I'm back.

I didn't know how much I missed this city until I arrived back this evening. I'm sorry, it may be heresy for a life long Chicagoan to say it, but I love New York.

Oh, it's nothing like Chicago; I would never live here unless I had billions, but what a great place to visit. It's busy, hot, loaded with wonderful restaurants, challenging and buzzing with an energy that I've never found in any other city in the world. Oh and did I mention the women? Talk about dressing! Even the bad dressers have their own style. A smorgasbord for the eyes.

I began my day on the tarmack (I love that word, so 60's cold waresque as in "I hit the tarmack") at Ohare with a two hour delay. It was almost comical. Our 7a.m. flight was delayed by storms in NY. Then we were notified that the storms had cleared and we were ready to go, when storms hit in Chicago. When the Chicago storms cleared, NY closed down again. This pattern went on for two hours, but I didn't care, I had my Times (all the treason fit to print), my Journal and a cup of could have been worse.

After some meetings in Darien, I took the metro line into Grand Central and the city I've missed. This trip held great nostalgia for me. Back in the late 90's I worked in Connecticut and commuted into the city every night were I had a permanent hotel room - I lived in Chicago on the weekends. So my trip into the city reminded me of the ride I used to take into Grand Central and the walk home to my room. It was tough being away from the family so much, but the business environment was challenging and I was doing and learning so much cool stuff from people I respected that it all was worth the effort.

And then there was the night time. Man, I had access to the best dining in the world, AND a killer expense account. I've got to tell you the cholesteral I poured into my system in those years was damn near life threatening, but since I'm still alive I guess I can say it was worth it. Chanterelle, Montrachet, Baboo, Franklin Park Cafe, Pierre au Tunnel, Nobu, Sushi Say and many, many more. Yes, I had a good time.

So on my return tonight I went to one of favorite places in NY, Il Tinello. Now, I'm not saying this is the best place in the city, but it is so reliable and they take such good care of me when I'm dining alone that I find myself returning time and time again. Tonight I dined on Pasta ala "Regis"; a plate of agnolotti, filled with mushrooms and accompanied by tomatos, sliced almonds, aspargus, small pearl onions and a creamy tomato sauce. Regis? You ask. Yup, I've been there several times when the Reg has been at the table next to me, so I've always told the girls when they see him on TV that we've had dinner together several times.

After the pasta I enjoyed Veal Milanese, a chop pounded flat breaded and fried. No big deal so far, but then boys pile on julienned arugula and chopped cherry tomatos to finish it off. A wonderful dish. Finishing up the meal I enjoyed some profiteroles with chocolate sauce and a double espresso.

Can we talk about profiteroles for a second? I've been to so many restaurants where I've ordered this dish and had it served with the profiteroles stuffed with ice cream. Ice cream! People this is an abomination! If I wanted fried ice cream I'd go to the county fair, not an Italian restaurant. I can't tell you how many times I've come close to assaulting waiters for having the temerity to put such an afront before me and then charge me for the experience. Properly prepared profiteroles should be filled with mascarpone cream and nothing else. Period.

There, I feel better.

And so that ended my day. I'm now up by Central Park, so I took the opportunity for a little walk around the park while I phoned Mrs. P and then came up to post for you guys. Such dedication, I know.

Over and out from NYC baby, it's back to Chicago tomorrow and the Fourth of July weekend!

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