Monday, June 26, 2006

Parade of Fools

Not much time this morning, but here is a couple interesting news items to depress you at the start of the week. First we have Ole White Flag who, not satisfied with calling our troops murderers, now says that the US poses the top threat to world peace. The good news I suppose is that even the witless folks who continue to re-elect this guy, have got to run out of patience at some point.

Secondly, we bi-partisan foolishness. Apparently the new Prime Minister in Iraq has suggested that certain members of the insurgency should be granted amnesty if they put down their arms and join in the governmental process. For those of you in Congress who might be a tad slow, this would mean that we won. A good thing. Yet, there seems to be a bi-partisan out cry this morning against this proposal. Clearly our founding fathers were on to something when they gave responsibility for running foreign policy to the Executive Branch

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