Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I saw an interesting focus group on FOX last night. A group of Dems watched the Hill crying bit and were very sympathetic. That is until she hinted, ever so slightly, that Obama wasn't ready to be pres. Nothing nasty or untoward, just what you'd expect of somebody running for pres.

Man, it was like she shot Bambi or something. The approval graphs plunged and people became visibly upset. This, I think, says something about the orgy of Obama-Ramaing that is currently underway. Democratic voters, drunken with the idea that they've found their savior, have uncritically bought the full Obama package. At this point in their euphoria they don't want anything like the facts to come in and ruin what is currently a delightful honeymoon. It is kinda like Dad asking his daughter on the morning of her wedding if she really wants to marry the smooth talking two-timer. She know's he's right, but this only makes her more angry and comitted.

As with all fantasies, Democrats will wake up soon to a very sorry reality. They've comitted their future to a Chicago Democrat who - quite eloquently - has promised that he is an agent of change.

A Chicago Democrat.

Like our bride in the example above, the Democrats only hope is that when this inevitable awakening happens, it isn't too late to change course. Because if the Clinton's can't help them see Obama for what he is, a good politician with limited experience, uncomfortable aliances, and an unelectably liberal philosophy, you can bet the Republicans will.

Don't say you weren't warned.

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