Friday, January 11, 2008

The Political Compass

Ok, just a quick post today and before I get into it, I'd just like to recognize that I'm 5 for 5 this week. Fantastic! It has been fun, and although my quality is not back in form yet, I'm really hoping that I can keep this up. I still don't know how much political stuff I want to do, so we'll just have to figure the balance as we go along.

Anyway, today's post is regarding one of those political quiz jobbies - This one is the political compass. Answer some questions and it tells you where you are. For me, the compass says that I'm socially conservative, although certainly not Huckabean, and economically conservative.

Big whoop huh?

I mean we kind of new that. The thing is it also puts you on the map according to where you are vis a vis the candidates. I liked this because I must admit I am having a heck of a time figuring out who I vote for.

For example, if I had to pull the lever today, I think I'd go for McCain even though I disagree with him on a lot of specific opinions. The thing is, he is the candidate that up to now has resonated with me the most. He is good on the WOT, he over plays but does have a sense for the importance of straight talk, and I like his views on spending.

And yet, I'm still not totally there with him. Interestingly, I am not one of these "I have to choose the least worst candidate" sort of guys. As I look at the Republican field, I do see a group of pretty good men - the comical Ron Paul excepted. And for any lost liberals that have wondered here, I simply can't support Clinton of Edwards, and I know too much about O'bama (the Irish guy) to take him seriously. I did look at Richardson, but truthfully while the man's resume is good, the fact is that he is that he is just not presidential timber.

Anyway, as we entered the electoral season, I found myself naturally drawn to Romney. The problem is that like Richardson, there is just something about him that doesn't say "President" to me. I have no idea what that is, but the interesting thing is that when I look at my compass results, I pretty much hit the Romster on the head!

Interestingly, the other guy I'm kind of attracted to in these debates is Guilianni, and the compass makes him my next closest choice. The problem there is the guy's creepy personal life! I mean even if I could ignore the three divorces, the whole estranged from his kids thing is deeply troubling. I'm not saying just yet that I won't vote for him, but right now it seems pretty unlikely.

So, thats my take on the where I'm leaning so far. Give the compass a spin, and see where you come out.

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