Tuesday, June 7, 2005

The Journey

It was a journey, and as journeys go this one wasn't really any different than most. T started out modest in his intentions, aiming only to get a little exercise and perhaps visit his friend, coincidently also named T.

"Hello T, so good to see you" his friend said upon their meeting. They were frequent visitors, yet the closeness of their relationship virtually dictated that they greet each other with a warm embrace. T never tired of their visits, and was always stirred by the longing for his friend that was created by their proximity. "Odd", he thought, "the longer we embrace, the more I want to stay with my friend".

Yet he also found a desire to roam when he was with T. "She creates in me a need to be close and continue to embrace, yet I know there are many secrets to discover". This visit was no exception, and his friend knowing this suggested a journey.

"T, as you know I own a small cabin not so far from here". "It is just over the hills and across the plane". T remembered this place as he had been there before. Located in a small valley, the cabin was warm and inviting. He had spent many a night there, and his memories of the place were indeed quite pleasant.

So T left his friend's embrace and set off on the journey. Very quickly he was into the hills, where he took some time to enjoy the view. In no particular hurry, T wondered which peak provided the best view. After trying both, T decided that in the end a hill was a hill, and the view was not as important as how one spent one's time while there. T thought his friend would agree.

Then it was off for the plane. Famous for it's flat, non-descript features, T always found a certain beauty in this place. T knew that most travelers viewed the plain as an after thought, if they considered it at all. "Sad" thought T, "sometimes the best treasures are found in the simplest of places, and here one can find the beauty of the moment, and anticipate the journey's nearing end".

After a brief stop in the center of the plain, T was off on the final leg of his journey. The valley always delighted him, for its beauty was indescribable. Floral accents predominated in the valley, and T decided to traverse its length to take in the fullness of its beauty. Having done this, T headed back up the valley, and went to the cabin.

The cabin itself was a marvel. Seemingly small and simply designed, it was capable of stirring all who encountered it. For he who occupied the cabin, controlled all that went on in the valley. T circled the cabin and admired its design, "truly a thing of beauty" T thought, "I could walk around it forever and never tire". Yet T knew that his final destination was the cabin, and so he ended his circling and went to it.

Later, after a rest, T reflected on his journey. His memories evoked strong emotions, as he thought of the hills, the plane and the valley. "This cabin is wondrous" T thought, "and I like what my friend has done with the lawn".

T then remembered, his other friend, P would be arriving later, possibly even that night. "P will love this place, as I know he would enjoy fishing in its stream." After all, it was still the wet season, and the waters were running well. Posted by Hello

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