Thursday, June 30, 2005

Report From Camp

Camp is almost two weeks over now, and the reports from PD1 and PD2 are beginning to come in. Actually, PD1 seems to be writing quite a bit and PD2, after two very early letters, hasn't sent anything! I assume this is a good sign since it is her first year, and she must not be too homesick.

PD2, is 10 now and she seems to be growing up pretty quickly. I had to laugh the other night, when I went on-line and checked the radar for their undisclosed location. Big Freekin Storms! I admit, that this normally wouldn't be very funny, but in PD2's case it brings back some funny memories. She has always been a little nervous around rain. Not necessarily storms, she can get very worried about tornados at the hint of a little inclement weather.

In fact, when we were in Rome two years ago, we had a bit of an amusing experience. The five of us (Grandma Pursuit was with us) were enjoying a delightful dinner outside in a Roman plaza, when a little heat lightening started to flare up. PD2, who was 8 at the time immediately became concerned. We did our best to console her, but I had a Campari and Soda going, a Caprese salad, and Pasta on the way........there was no way we were leaving.

You can guess what happened. As we sat there and yucked it up, PD2 became increasingly silent- until we noticed the sound of her wretching next to the table. She had gotten so nervous about the storm (Tornados in Italy!) she had caused herself to throw up. Well, we didn't want to create a scene, and since we had the happy coincidence of nobody noticing our little incident, and the location of a street drain only 4 feet away, Mrs. P saved the day by washing away the evidence with a couple bottles of water. None of us has looked at a bottle of Pellegrino the same since!

So I do wonder how she survived the storm in her cabin the other night, hopefully we'll get a letter soon.

As some of my regulars know, I've always tried to instill in the girls a sense of strength and confidence as they've grown up, and have wanted them to try new things. Last year, after PD1 and I had been trap shooting a couple of times I bought her a shotgun so that she could join me regularly. We haven't gone out as much as I would have liked with every other activity pulling at our limited free time, but we have managed to shoot often enough and she seems to enjoy it. So I'll leave you today with the little present that arrived in the mail this afternoon. Targets. Specifically, targets with holes in them......and they're not half bad! PD1 seems to be developing an interest, wouldn't you say?

UPDATE: Rummy phoned from Washington. PD1 is showing a distinct aptitude for Camp X-Ray next summer. Upside is that apparently there is no fee. He did want to know if "screams in the night" would keep her up. I said the loons are pretty loud up north, so I think she's good to go.Posted by Hello

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