Monday, June 6, 2005

A Little Something For The Missus

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Balsies. Well, actually I'm not giving you Balsies, rather I'm informing you about Balsies.

The fine folks selling Balsies suggest that they are about strength, guts independence and attitude. Me, I think they're about getting laid.......but what do I know? Imagine the conversation at the office around the watercooler:

Office Drone 1: Good Morning.......uh that is an interesting necklace.

Balsie Wearing Office Drone: Oh, thank you. I think they signify my strength, guts, independence and attitude.

Office Drone 1:

Balsie Wearing Office Drone:

Office Drone 1: So, uh should we get a room or do you just want to go park somewhere?

Balsie Wearing Office Drone: That is so typical! I wear a symbol of male genatalia around my neck, and Neanderthals like you assume it is an open invitation for sex! You disgust strong independent women who, like me, have guts.

Office Drone 1:

Balsie Wearing Office Drone: .....and attitude, I've got that too!

Office Drone 1:

Balsie Wearing Office Drone: You'll pay for the room, right?Posted by Hello

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