Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Sully, Again

I've mentioned it before. I have a hard time understanding it and yet it's the same old thing. I'm drawn to Sully's hysterical blog. It's like it has it's own gravitational field, and the harder I resist, the more I want to read. Besides attacking Hugh Hewitt, a radio guy who should have gone in to testifyin' with a name like that, Sully lately seems to have taken a delight in announcing the insanity of those who he doesn't particularly like. Actually, the truth is he sometimes makes the accusations himself, and other times posts email suggesting these things. While this does tend to entertain, since my belief is that Andy himself is a bit of a nut, it still doesn't fully explain the attraction.

Today it all became clear: It's the irony!

First he posts this.

The he follows with this

Does he even read his own blog?

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