Friday, May 20, 2005

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Just as I finish my screed below on vegetarians, one of my friends calls for lunch. Appropriately, we are headed to Manny's. If you haven't ever been to Manny's you are missing one of the great social and cultural palaces of our town.

Manny's is the place in Chicago where you can go to lunch and sit next to the captains of industry, Mayor Daley, or any number of aldermen. Of course, it's main attraction is the corned beef. Huge sandwiches of perfectly seasoned beef (Vienna of course), served on rye bread and accompanied by a potato pancake, I always ask Gino for two. Maybe I shouldn't have had that Nueske's bacon for breakfast?

You must click on the link above for Manny's website, and if you have a moment be sure to watch their TV commercial. The host's accent is typical "Chicagah", and the guy flipping the knife is Gino himself.

If you're ever in Chicago, stop on in, and don't worry about your heart, complimentary defibrillation comes with every meal!Posted by Hello

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