Monday, May 9, 2005

Poor Dim Harry: The First In What Is promising To Be A Recurring Series

I am really beginning to get excited about the prospect of at least 3 more years of Harry Reid's leadership of the Democratic party. The man is showing early signs of being the Dem's answer to Dan Quayle. Not so much for mispronunciation, but just for becoming a reliable source of idiotic declarations.

Dim Harry appeared in front of a group of High School students last week to discuss "Checks and Balances 101" There is so much material here to work with that the statements of a normal politician would not have stood out. We could have talked about how Dim Harry called the president a "loser", and whether or not this is the type of language a leader of our nation should use in a civics class where he is educating young minds, and (hopefully) encouraging the kids to get involved in politics. Or we could have talked about how the school presented a one sided view of the judicial controversy in Washington, instead of showcasing members from each side to debate their differences and involve the kids in the discussion.

But we aren't talking your normal politician here. We're dealing with Dim Harry of Satellite Nevada. The same man who used his response time to the SOTU to tell Americans a ridiculous - not to mention, uniquely dull - story about a boy that wanted to be "just like him".

Dim Harry, did it again last week. In discussing Janice Rodgers Brown our friend said:

"She is a woman who wants to take us back to the Civil War days,"

Ah, yes the antebellum south. Why it is obvious The Honorable Ms. Brown wants to do just that. I bet Condi Rice is in on this scheme too. Maybe we can get Dim Harry to comment on that one?
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