Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Thanks For Playing Andy

I'm not a huge fan of the InstaPundit, mostly because he seems to be settling into blog middle age by linking to the same cast of usual characters, instead of finding new, fresh bloggers like for example, me. Today though I must link to him.

As most readers here know I have come to detest Andrew Sullivan's blog. In my view, where he once provided an interesting perspective, and some well conceived opinions on the issues of the day, he seems to have devolved into hysterics. Andy's blog these days seems to be little more than a forum for him to pursue his hobby horse issues of Gay Marriage, and Abu Ghraib. Those that don't toe Andy's ideological line, are either anti-gay bigots, or worse and apparently he has been attacking the InstaPundit lately.

Perhaps the pressure to produce every day has finally taken over for his better judgment. Andy himself, promised to quit blogging a while ago, yet he continues with his daily dish of hysterics. For this reason, I quit reading the man long ago, preferring other sources for alternative views.

In this link, the InstaPundit has finally had enough and let Sullivan know it by telling him that Andy's opinion ain't quite worth what it once was.

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