Friday, May 20, 2005

"I Want To Be a vegetarian"

No, not me, vegetarian's is for others. You know, those grim, pasty faced types who prefer to sacrifice happiness, for the false feeling of moral and nutritional superiority. I'm referring to the seemingly required cultural rite of passage for young girls these days to at some point make the inane proclamation that they are becoming a vegetarian.

Well adjusted people, of course, are well aware of how ridiculous such a commitment is, and I have no doubt that some very wise scientists and psychologists will soon find a strong link between vegetarians and deep, deep psychological issues. Until then, every parent of a young girl will no doubt experience this phase. We've only had one occurrence so far, and it was with PD2. After a sleep over she decided she would like to drink soy milk. Not full blown vegetarian's, but none-the-less a nutty idea in it's own right.

I agreed to buy some, adding the important caveat that she would have to consume the entire half gallon before she could drink "our" milk. A few weeks later, on the way to the store, the following conversation ensued:

Me; Oh, PD2 remind me to pick up some milk at the store.



PD2: Remember when I thought we should get soy milk?

Me: Yup, it took you a while to finish the whole 1/2 gallon. Should we get some more?

PD2: No, I think that was just a "phase" (using fingers to make quote marks)

Me: I kind of expected that.

PD2: Thank God that one didn't last too long!

I was reminded of this experience by the linked article on NRO. I think the writer deserves an hearty "well done".

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