Thursday, July 21, 2005

Blame The Victim!

The left's latest ploy in their increasingly pitiful attempt to discredit the war on terror is to suggest that somehow America and England are responsible for causing these attacks. Lately the approved soundbite is to suggest that it is our policy in Iraq that is the catalyst for 9/11, 3/11, 7/7 and presumably, today.

We've discussed here before the alarming state of intellectual bankruptcy, and I would argue moral bankruptcy as well, on the left, but this new argument is truly appalling. Ken Livingston, the London Mayor, has been ad hocing from the approved script by also suggesting that somehow our need for oil makes us especially guilty. This, of course, makes no sense at all.

It is long held strategy of those without a defense to try in some way to attack the other side. Sort of a play on the "best defense is a good offense" tactic. We often see this as a defense in rape cases where the attacker has more or less been caught red handed. The defense attorney, while "not wanting to cross the bounds of decency" is compelled "by the demands of justice(!)" to point out that the victim did in a way bring this on herself.

In other words, the bitch was asking for it.

This is what we have today. The left in the person of Red Ken and many others is playing the role of the oily defense attorney willing to say or do anything to protect his guilty as hell client. Don't get all uppity with them because you, bitch, were asking for it. By going about our daily business, paying countries in the middle east for oil that they by a fluke of history just happen to be sitting on (but in most cases were technically unable to remove from the ground without our help), well, we should have known that they would ultimately get angry and attack.

These people are sick. They defend murderers for no other reason than to relieve for a moment their own self loathing. Of course they're not so sick as to strap on a bomb and do the deed themselves, no that is for the little brown people. The big brains of the left must remain available to defend poor blown up Mohammed, so that others will follow in his spatter to continue the carnage.

Well John Howard, PM of our great friend Australia, has some words for the pimps of Osama. Click on the link to read the facts.

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