Tuesday, July 19, 2005

My Fevered theory

Ever since Jose Padilla was arrested as the dirty bomber, I've nurtured a private little theory that most friends suggest is a bit nutty. Anyone that knows a "conspiracy theorist" will tell you that dismissing their theories out of hand, only serves to strengthen the resolve with which the theorist clings to said theory.

Today came news that the government (or "damn guv'ment" if you're one of us) will be back in court to argue their right to hold Jose indefinitely without charging him. This is, of course, un-American and a violation of Jose's rights as a citizen. Yet, we must wonder why exactly the damn guv'ment is doing this.

I, my friends, have the answer. You see, my little theory has been that not only is Jose the "dirty bomber" he is also the mysterious "John Doe Number 2" from Oklahoma City. Remember way back immediately after the bombing a mad search was underway for John Doe. However, once McVeigh and Nichols were captured, we were told John Doe didn't really exist. At the time this seemed sort of odd.

Then Jose was arrested, and the link was clear. This morning as I was searching for a picture of John Doe #2, I found the attached website. Click on the link yourself. It seems there is at least one other nut case out there that believes as I do that Jose is John, and John is Jose. What do you think?

Why, you ask, would the damn guv'ment deny this? Well here is my explanation. Back after the Oklahoma bombing, John Doe provided a link to Al Queda that the administration did not want to act on. Denying John Doe's existence was much easier than fighting a frontless war on terror. McVeigh was convicted and executed, and Nichols was convicted. All was wrapped up real nice like.

Then came 9/11 and the subsequent arrest of Jose Padilla. We've since learned that Jose was researching dirty bomb attacks, but when Al Queda leadership thought this was too difficult, he reverted to researching buildings to blow up. Hmmmm....... buildings like the one in Oklahoma perhaps?

Now the damn guv'ment finds itself in the odd position of holding a suspect that they think was complicit in the Oklahoma bombing, but can't publicly charge without admitting to distorting the truth back in the mid '90's. So, they argue that Jose is an insurgent, allied with a foreign enemy in the hopes that they can keep a dangerous man off the street, without divulging the real truth.

Now you know the story.

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