Friday, July 8, 2005

Its Only Rock and Roll............

Its Friday afternoon, and I'm feeling kinda psyched. Campari time is nearing, I'm thinkin about date day tomorrow with Mrs. Pursuit, and Sunday will bring the smell and sounds of shotgun fire on the trap range.

Life is good baby. So what is my I-tunes shuffle playing?

1. No Man's Woman - Sinead O'Connor
2. Billy and Bonnie - Steve Earle
3. Cash Talkin' - Albert Collins (The Iceman!)
4. Give Me Back My Man - The B-52's
5. Jesus Is Just Alright - The Byrds
6. Jackson - Lucinda Williams
7. Can't Let Go - Lucinda Williams
8. Spider Web - Joan Osborne
9. Silver Lining - Bonnie Raitt
10. Little Martha - The Alman Brothers
11. King of Love - Dave Edmunds
12. Divine Intervention - Matthew Sweet
13. Hella Good - No Doubt
14. Mojo Box - Southern Culture
15. Dead Flowers - Who else?
16. So Into You - Altlanta Rythym Section
17. Walkie Talkie Man - Steriogram

Oh, God......Greenday, Boulevard of Empty Dreams just came on. What can one say when one's children makes a mistake. We all did it, BTO was one of mine, I'm not proud to admit. I believe educaters call these teaching moments. This was one of PD1's few musical mistakes. I did what any good father would do. I pulled out my Dookie CD, and took the time to show her cool and then we talked about just how bad it can turn when you take yourself too seriously. A shame really, can't somebody whack Billie Joe upside the head?

Ahhhhh......Marcy Playground now..........

UPDATE: Graham Parker rocks. Posted by Picasa

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