Saturday, December 31, 2005

Are you Ready For Some Football!!!!

Yup week 17 baby. The season has gone by fast, and somehow.....incredibly.....the Bears (Da Bearsss) are in first place in the North.

They didn't even play any mini-Ditkas. Go figure.

Considered the luckiest man on the planet is General Manager Jerry Angelo, of whom I wrote earlier this year. While every word of my criticism remains true, the man found a way to win without a quarterback, until Rex Grossman managed to come back from a broken ankle two weeks ago. Word of advice: if you're in Vegas and Jerry sits down at the table next to you, walk away.

So the Bears are headed into the playoffs and I find myself at a season recored against the spread of 120-120. Here is how I get over the top;

Vikings 4 Bears: Vikes
Colts 6.5 Cards: Cards
Ravens 3 Browns: Ravens
Bills 1.5 Jets: Jets
Panthers 4 Falcons: Falcons
Chiefs 7.5 Bengals: Chiefs
Steelers 13.5 Lions: Lions
Pats 5.5 Dolphins: Dolphins
Bucs 13.5 Saints: Bucs
Texans 1 Niners: Texans
Jags 3.5 Titans: Jags
Pack 4.5 SeaHawks: Pack
Redskins 7.5 Eagles: Eagles
Cowboys 12.5 Rams: Cowboys

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