Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Why Do They Insist On Making All News Bad?

I suppose I should scold Bush for falling into an obvious trap, but at some point doesn't the media have an obligation to at least try to get the facts straight. I guess this news made them think they had to do something to help the Dems who seem to have chosen to follow Ole White Flag on his path to oblivion.

Purple fingers coming up next!

UPDATE: I'm watching our local news and they just did a bit on some Quakers (good people, great oats, not sure about the religion) who set up a memorial to dead Iraqi civilians in one of Chicago's plazas today. The Hispanic member of the perfectly balanced news team intoned over pictures of shoes (why shoes I wonder?), "by some accounts, over 100,000 civilians have died". No mention so far of the vote which has already begun.

Via Annika.

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