Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Losing Never Really Works as a Strategy

Well, not since Vietnam anyway.

The Anti-war left seems to once again have put themselves in a corner regarding the war in Iraq. For a while their relentless attacks on America and our policy in Iraq, which included the lies about lying and the continued hysteria over "torture" by some people, seemed to serve their political purpose; drive the President's approval ratings lower and hopefully win back Congress next fall. Ironic since these very same people spent so much time prior to this fall standing vigalent for any sign that the Republicans were trying to politicize the war or 9/11.

Sadly, they didn't count on the resolve of our troops, the President, or the Iraqi people. Which leads them to their uncomfortable position today. The linked article above references tomorrow's Iraqi elections and points to the expected turnout which by all accounts should be enormous. Most importantly, the Sunnis seem to be getting on board with the election process as well.

Despite this the left continues to predict failure, and counsels imediate withdrawal from the country. In particular, the left seems concerned that terrorist violence, recognized for what it is by most level headed people, represents some sort of hyper nationalism instead of murder. So where does that leave our anti-war friends today? Well, if I've got their message right it is something like:
  1. The real Iraqis are those that are bombing, not voting
  2. Iraq has no real chance to be successful
  3. We should withdraw immediately
  4. An apology to the world for promoting freedom in country where terror once reigned would be appropriate
This when Sunnis are coming on board, there seems to be growing support for secular government, and public optimism about the future remains high.

It almost makes you feel sorry for Dim Harry and Ole White Flag.

No, I guess it doesn't does it?
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