Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas from me and mine to you and yours! To the left you see Cody the Christmas Dog full of the Christmas spirit, antlers and all.

Posting will be light the next few days as the Pursuit family celebrates the season. Skiing, eating, drinking and more skiing will be the order of the day.

All that, and remembering to be thankful for all that blessings of life that we all too often take for granted. In that spirit, I'd like to thank my faithful readers.....yes both of you.....for your time, attention, comments, and encouragement. I find myself a bit surprised that I'm still at this after a year of blogging, but the truth is I enjoy it more now than I did at the start. Clearly, the biggest reason for that is you guys.

Merry Christmas, I'll check in when I can over the next few days, perhaps with another "View
From My Skis".

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