Sunday, January 15, 2006

Are You Ready For Some Bears Football!!!!?

Whoo boy! Ladies and gentlemen today is the day we have waited for in Chicago for ages. Da Bears are returning to the playoffs with an opportunity to crush the Panthers.

For those of you who don't remember the awful beating the Panthers took at the hands of our glorious Bears earlier this year, I've provided a photographic memory. Hmm....Ole Jake doesn't look to comfortable in the pocket does he?


Bears will win again today, I'm predicting an 8 point margin. Later today the Pursuit family will celebrate the Bears victory with some Lamb and Chorizo Chillie, cornbread and a nice Spanish wine to wash it all down. Perhaps I'll post the recipe later.

Oh, and for those of you who want to listen to the funniest post game show in the world, here is a link to O'Bradovich and Buffone after the game. CLICK HERE And hit "listen live". OB is the guy I wrote about in this post CLICK HERE, and these two ex-Bears are so passionate, so typically Chicagah (my friend) that you can't help but listen. The show is actually better when the Bears lose because these two get so angry. However, should the Bears win (should? what am I thinking! WHEN) these to will be delerious with glee. Check them out.

UPDATE: Um...nevermind.

UPDATE II: Oh, and Muhsin Muhamed sucks.

Big time.

That is all.

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