Monday, January 16, 2006

Um, Mr. Gore, Could We Have A Word?

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Perhaps it escaped your notice, which is hard to believe since your were "the most important Vice President in the history of our country", but it seems that you guys might have done a little spying yourself. Link Here. Not to complicate things for you, but for some reason (perhaps it was the interns, fund raising with the Chinese, or parental warning labels; all much more important issues I think we all can agree) it seems your spying didn't really seem to stop any terrorist attacks. Sure wish you would have noticed Atta entered the country on your watch. You know preferably before he killed our fellow citizens, but after would have been ok too.

So perhaps you should head back to Popeye's were it's obvious that you've been spending far too much time, and come up with a little more coherent attack on our President.

During a time of war.

That you and your administration buddies preferred to ignore.


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