Saturday, January 14, 2006


The only constant is change people and today I have successfully managed a new template and clean-up of my links list. Small potato(e)s for most of you, I know, but for me? Lets just say I'm happy the web survived, missiles stayed in their silos, and as far as I know cats are not lying down with dogs.

Still, pretty nifty huh? The full truth is that this was my third choice for a template. The other two had a section in the header for one of my Chicago photos which would have been a great format. You know, bold opinions/the city of big shoulders yadda yadda. Manly indeed.

Sadly, I couldn't pull it off - insert joke here - so we're at template three. I'm not sure I'm completely pleased with the new look, but we'll try it for a while and see how it goes.

Now to those links. First I've gone with blogrolling which seems like a cool way to keep it fresh, and most importantly I don't have to worry about alphabetizing. As for the links themselves, "My Main Blog Muthas" I've done some clean up.

First, all my faves who continue to blog are there. The Functional Ambivalent, PDS at Tale, Gnat, Abby & the gang at Falafel, Stephen Green and Annika. The Mothership and Lucianne to provide some Flying Monkey content remain as well.

As for the dearly departed what can I say? No bloggy no linky. This is not to say I don't miss my buds like dear H (come back H!), who seems to have disappeared, and Spoons a fellow Illinoisian (who by the way never linked to me the rat). The dudes at Powerline? Insufferable rah rah boys who while they are in agreement with many of may positions are just a little too much like the AV club in highschool trying to suck up to the football captain for my taste.

Michelle Malkin, I don't know, I like her but she has two faults. First; no link to The Pursuit. Second; she boors me. 'Nuff said.

How about the new guys? Well starting at the top we have Go Fug Yourself. I love this blog. First, a little confession; I dig chicks in dresses. Not exactly earth shattering I know, but the truth is I actually pay attention to this stuff. For example, Julia Roberts winning the Oscar a couple years ago? I could care less, but that vintage Valentino gown; WOW. So mock me if you will, but reading these two diss bad celebrity fashion just cracks me up.

Michelle at Wolf Madness. What can I say, at first her fiesty posts about rock climbing and flashing Fed Ex guy attracted me. Lately, her battle with breast cancer has been inspirational to read. She's been a down a tough road, but I have no worries, because she has no fear.

Protein Wisdom. As a rule I don't link to people that are too cool to not link to others. Jeff is just too damn funny not to link to though, so you know, there you go.

The Neo Neocon. How can I not link to a smart ex-lib that has seen the light of conservatism. Granted it didn't take me forty years for the conversion, but I'm happy she's made it and her stuff is always good and insightful. Now if she'd just do shorter posts.

Varifrank. First, I would like him to explain the name because it just doesn't make any sense. Secondly, Frank was a commenter at Stephen Green's for a long time and launched about the same time I did, so I've got a warm spot in my heart for his excellent blog.

Finally, a word about Coach Gil. Read this comic people. It dates back to the 1950's and is about a small town coach dealing with kids in his high school. It's square, hopelessly dated, and completely contrived. Yet I've followed Gil from the inky pages of the 1970's Chicago Tribune to his presence on the web. He is an acquired taste, but if you stick through one full season, you'll be hooked like me.

Oh, one more thing. I've got some additional blocks to fill on either side of the new template, but I'll be damned if I can think of what to put in there. Any ideas?

UPDATE: Opps, all didn't go perfectly as the links that used to be in my titles are broken. I'm looking into it now. Also, the links in the text are there but not marked. For example I've linked to Julia's gown below, but unless you run your cursor over the words, you can't tell the link is there. More later

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