Saturday, January 21, 2006

I Am A Blog Master

Yup, that's me King of HTML code.....or whatever they call it!

Why this boastful post that is so out of character for your good 'ole buddy Pursuit. Well my friends I, this afternoon, all by myself, have recoded my blog template. You could say that I customized it. All by myself. No training wheels, sans helmet, armed only with an absolute vacuum of talent, and a huge amount of determination.

Heh, yup old Pursuit is pretty proud of himself. Other html coders will be buying me drinks at the club tonight, except I think they only drink Bosco. See that link right there? Totally gratutitous insult, just to show you I have the power to make the link show up in the text of my blog! Want to see another one? Here you go!

Talk about gratuitous, huh? Ok Taylor, here is one for you.

Oh, and look up above. I can once again link through my title. Go ahead, click that. It will take you to one of my buddies who has a sleek new design.

So there you go. Please try not to stand too much in awe. Yes, I am a simple man who maybe just got lucky. Then again maybe it's more than luck. Who knows, I'd like to chat some more, but I'm due at the propeller hat club. They guys told me that as a new member it's my job to bring the crazy straws for the Bosco.

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