Saturday, January 21, 2006

Let It Snow!

So last night we had a fantastic snow storm, and this morning it is qutie picturesque. Some photos from la casa del Pursuit.

One amusing story. We got the car stuck in the driveway and so I pushed, Mrs. P floored it.

No luck.

So Mrs. gets out of the car, and we get shovels and start to dig out a path IN FRONT of the car to drive up. We clear away a little area, and then I get in to drive the car forward. As I reach down to put the car in gear, I realize it already is in drive. It seems when the car wouldn't budge, Mrs. P forgot to put it back in park!

Ah, life in a northern town. I love it.

Off to go do a little cross country skiing now. See you later.

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