Sunday, January 22, 2006

Scenes From The United Center Parking Lot: Sunday, January 22



"Here is my parking pass"

"Uh, sir"


"This if for the Rolling Stones Concert"

"Well, yeah"

"That would be tomorrow night"

"No kidding?"

"No kidding"

"So I guess we'll see you tomorrow night"

"I guess you will"

"Ok, then"

"Just do a U-turn over there sir"

"Uh, ok"

As it turned out, we did have a very nice dinner at Merlot on Maple. After a nice Antipasto Italliano, I enjoyed a wonderfully braised lamb shank with roasted potatoes and spinach, and Mrs. P had a nice vegetable risotto. We washed it down with a bottle of Nero d'avola, 2003. The d'avola was a bit tight upon opening, but with time revealed some nice cherry with rustic undertones. Finished it off with Semi Freddo and espresso.

While a bit pricey, they've got some expensive real estate to pay for so one must expect a larger bill in this area and the food was good to quite good. I'd describe it as home style Italian. Could I have done just as well in my own kitchen? Maybe, but then I wouldn't have had the luxury of going to a non-existent concert, and getting out of the house on an impromptu date! Would I recommend this place? Yes, however, I'd like the service to be a bit more attentive for the price.

See ya tomorrow night Mick.

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