Saturday, October 29, 2005

Are You Ready For Some Football?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The sun is out, it is an unseasonable warm 60 degrees today, but oh yes, I am ready for some football people.

And who wouldn't be with the type of season I am having so far? After last week's 9-5 performance against the spread, I stand at a cumulative 47 and 41 as we enter the midseason. Thats good enough to make me some money in Vegas folks, and I'm not even counting the $2.99 all you can buffet.

So here we go this week's Savant like wisdom, imparted to you via my eerily accurate football prognostications:

Detroit 3 over the Bears. Take the points and get out of town
Giants 2.5 over the Redskins. Baby Manning is the call here
Bengals 9 over the Pack: Stick a fork in Farve baby cuz he is way done
Panthers 7.5 over the Vikes; Go Vikes here
Raiders 1 over Titans: MIB, baby
Cowboys 9 Cards. No way the Boys should be favored by this much. Somebody knows something so take 'em anyway
Texans 2 Browns: Cleavburg all the way
Saints 2.5 Dolphins: Get those hanky waving fans outta here and take the Saints
Jags 3 Rams: Go Rams, help a coach's heart
Chargers 6 Chiefs: Sorry PDS, go Chargers
Bucs 11 49ers. 49ers suck, take 'em anyway
Broncs 3.5 Eagles: Broncs
Pats 9 Bills: The Bills? Hah! take the Pats give up to 12
Steelers 9 Ravens: I hate the Ravens, but bet that they can keep it within 9.

Thats it folks. Start mixing the taco dip, chilling the beer and while you're at it give a Packer fan a swirly.

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