Monday, October 10, 2005

The One Thing All Conservative Leaders Must Learn..... that the best defense is a good offense.

Lets face it, despite the fact that we always throw the best parties and without question have the best looking women, it is extremely hard if not impossible to be conservative and popular with anyone other than, well, other conservatives. Sure our liberal friends will feign friendship as long as the liquor is free and they can wash away the miserable realization that their political orientation has fated them to be paired with a make-upless, earth shoe wearing girlfriend who only becomes aroused when in mid rant about about spaying and neutering. When the real work of keeping the world safe for truth, justice and the American way begins these guys are AWOL, waking up with a hang over, and cursing the day they Al Gore talked the into riding a bike the 29 miles to work. God love 'em, our dear liberal friends really do want to help, they just can't escape the supremacy their feelings have over rational thought.

Somehow though, our liberal friends have managed to gain control of the major media in general, and the press in particular (I think it might have something to do with the free booze again, but I'm not sure). So I've had to read quite a few of their more prolific scribblers lately about how George Bush did such a good job when he was uniting the country atop the rubble of the World Trade Towers. "We can hear you and pretty soon the people that did this will hear you too!"

Really, though, who can't applaud that. Sounds great, and I'll admit it was wonderful to see a President declare what all of us wanted to say to the world, but without the force of action behind it, the words themselves are empty. Our lefty friends though ate it up, it made them feel good, the image was so strong! Similarly, when President Clinton attacked the night janitorial crew in Bahgdad, or the camels in Afghanistan, or the asprin factory in the Sudan, they loved those actions too. So forceful! So explosive! So thrilling!

And so completely empty.

George Bush and his administration understood this, and they promised that this time would be different. No longer would U.S. Threats not be backed up by U.S. actions and a plan was put in place to take revenge (yes, revenge) and roll back the terrorist advances that went unchallenged in the '90s. The left likes to think it was supportive in the beginning, and routinely tries to spin this message, but the facts argue otherwise. Bush's Axis of Evil speech, a term that couldn't have been less controversial, was widely donounced on the left. The invasion of Afghanistan did not recieve support by many liberals, and of course the invasion of Iraq was and is viewed as an outright crime.

This is not to say Bush ran perfect wars, readers here know that I have been frustrated with his reluctance to use the full force of our military and covert power, but instead to illustrate through a liberal president's inaction and the left's hatred our just action that many of our lefty friends just don't want to get tough. Worse, while our President is busy trying to do what is right, the left is actively working against him both domesticly and abroad.

After five years of this I think George has had enough, and it is hard to blame him........except for the fact that he ran for the job. So I am blaming him. He may be tired, but he has no right to let his supporters down because it just isn't as fun as it used to be. Our job as conservatives was never to be liked or respected. We are not in this for the praise of those who we believe are less than our equals. We are in this to win. Win in the war against the terrorists and win in the battle of ideas against our political foes.

We have so much on our side. The intellectual underpinnings of our cause are greater, and our ability to put forth our ideas and the defend them in the public arena is vastly greater. It has to be, we've had to fight a guerilla war against the liberal establishment for years and as a result our abilities are sharper than those of our liberal foes. Presidential elections, and majorities in both houses prove that sort of thing.

There is also strength in the fact that we are not in this to become Prom King. The fact is, we don't care if we're liked which provides us with the freedom to come out shooting. Everyone, from the lovely Femka Jannsen above to the the New England Patriots knows that the best defense is a good offense. Keep your opponents on their heels and they never get the leverage to form a charge.

Bush new this at the start of his presidency and it gave him an unbeatable momentum both domestically and internationally. Sadly, time and the need to fight so many battles at one time have done what the liberal establishment couldn't accomplish. Bush, I think is beginning to give in.

Harriet Miers is just the latest indication of this change, and it must be the last. We have three more years in which we can win the war and press forward with conservative ideas that we all know are good for our country. We can't do it with a president who has decided to take a permanent powder though.

"Femka for the court" may not be the exact way to regain our momentum, although I would love to see her take a shot at cleaing up Bagdad, but W does need to get back in the game. If he doesn't I've got some news for him. Things will get worse, much worse.

We didn't ask him to play, but now that we've accepted his offer, we demand that he deliver the goods.

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