Saturday, October 8, 2005

Are You Ready For Some Football!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh boy am I ready! Please welcome the lovely Adrianna (her real name) to our NFL picks spectacular the week. Adrianna is a cheerleader for one of the teams so I felt justified in posting her picture to lead off my picks.

And speaking of picks, last week's 8-6 performance has now catapulted me to the positive side of the ledger with a season to date record against the spread of 31-29. While not great, this is a good position to be in after 4 weeks, and now having passed the competition in the pool, with this week's picks we crush them.

I'm taking a lot of favorites this week which I never like to do because it means we're giving points on a net basis. Nothing can be done, the boys in the lab fed the stats into our proprietry model and this is what came out:

Browns 3 Bears: Take the Browns
Pack 3 Saints: Take the Saints
Bucs 3 Jets: Jets
Rams 3 Seahawks: Rams
Falcons 3 Pats: Falcons
Bills 2.5 Dolphins: Bills
Lions 1.5 Ravens: Lions
Texans 3 Titans: Titans
Colts 14.5 49ers: Colts
Panthers 3 Cards: Panthers
Eagles 3 Cowboys: Cowboys
Broncos 7 Redskins: Broncs
Jags 3 Bengals: Jags
Chargers 3 Steelers: Steelers

Some gutsy calls in there this week, but that is what it takes to separate the men from the boys folks. I really hate to bet against my Bears too....but you know, it is just awfully hard to get around the fact that they suck, and they've sucked for years! I also have a little theory about betting the Bears. Their fans are so pathetic that when their idles are favored the betting Bears fan is willing to pay too much in points, and when the Bears are the dogs, their fans are too willing to accept too few points. Check it out, I just gave away one small piece of our proprietary nfl model, but hey, for you guys? Anything.

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