Thursday, October 27, 2005

My Big Plans

Sorry folks, I know how you've come to look forward to my Thursday night wine blogging. Surely there isn't more scintillating reading anywhere in the blogosphere than my Thursday rambles where I crack a bottle, discuss at length it's many attributes and the proceed to get a bit toasted. I've often felt it would be much more enjoyable for you, the reader, if I would more obviously lose my sobriety and get a little goofy. Maybe end it all with long rants about the damn guvmn't, or paranoid screeds about the Trilateral Commission. But, then that's what lefty blogs are for. Speaking of which, did you read Tom's bit about Bush as Godzilla? Whew boy, there is a man who needs a cocktail!

Ah but I digress. No wine blogging tonight as I am out of town on business. In fact, if you happen to be in Boston put a light in the church steeple and I'll come have a drink with you. In person wine blogging with Pursuit, cool. Lets make it one if you want to drink white, two for red. I'll buy.
Alas, the steeple remains dark, not a huge surprise, and probably for the better I've got a day of meetings tomorrow and I hear it's considered bad form by the locals to grab a little shut eye in the middle of their presentations. So provincial, don't you think?

Anyway, this post is about my big plans and today we inched a little closer to the fruition of one of them: Having one of the Supreme Court Justices over for drinks on the front porch. There are a lot of things that I plan to do before I die; I've already written about my goal to be in a movie where I discover a murder scene and exclaim, "My God! They're all dead!" Drinkin with the justice is another.

Yup, you heard that right, I'm gonna be drinkin' with one of the judicial system's chosen few! At least that is the plan. Here's the deal. Ms. Mier's withdrew from consideration this morning which has left the door open for Bush to get the appointment right this time. The real key thing to know is that Bush cannot put up just anyone. This pick has got to be a lock. Dead solid perfect as they say.

To get it right, Bush must pick a judicial minimalist, a judge who is not just acceptable to the right, but really one who is revered by the right. Keeping this in mind, the judge must also be bullet proof when it comes to attacks from the left. Considering that Judge Roberts was probably one of the few who are universally recognized as brilliant by both sides while maintaining a stealth record from an attack target point of view, this nominee must be unassailable even if his record is public.

There is only one man with this stature. Ted Olsen.

Respected by the right, and recognized as a man who has given more than most to this country, Mr. Olsen will be approved and will ascend to the bench. That's where my big plan #2 gets traction.

I happen to own a little piece of land, not far from where Mr. Olsen maintains a residence. We've never met, and he wouldn't know me from Adam, but it's a small town and I will eventually ingratiate myself to the limited social scene. And really, lets face it, the judge will be unable to resist making friends with a sophisticated urbane country gentlemen such as me. I'll regale him with my tales from the goose pit, he'll share inside jokes about Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and together we'll while away the summer recess hours on my front porch. We'll posthumously mock Earl Warren, go fishing, and the return home to share a plate of nachos where I'll advise him on how the court has overreached with it's discovery of the right to privacy.

If things really go well, perhaps I'll even invite him to the premier of my movie.

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