Saturday, October 1, 2005

Taking The Big Baby For a Spin!

Today is the day! I'm venturing off on the inaugural firing of the Big Baby (click above for the background on this project). Pictured above are the raw materials for tonight's dinner. I've rubbed a slab of ribs and a whole chicken with different rubs, and put together separate mops for each as well. The chicken was brined for about 2 hours this morning. Over the past few days I have been practicing temperature regulation with dry run firings of the Big Baby, and while I still have a lot to learn, I can't wait any longer.

So, I don't have high hopes for outstanding product, but in truth I really don't care either. I'll be smoking with 100% hickory wood and mopping the meat every hour or so. I expect the whole process to take at least 7 hours, but that will be highly dependent on my temperature regulation. I'd like to smoke between 190 and 200 degrees.

I'll try to provide updates as we go along.
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